3 Creative Ways Of Recycling

Today, more than ever before, recycling is important. After all, it is vital that we protect our natural resources and keep as many products out of the landfill as possible. While almost everyone knows how to recycle in the traditional method (by taking products to a recycling center or utilizing a recycling bin through a local waste company), these aren’t the only ways to recycle. Here at Fleetwood Waste we have put together three unique ways that you can recycle.

These three methods are simple enough that you can use them to keep objects out of the landfill and ideally give them new life.

Gardening – There are many excellent ways to use items that are seemingly destined for the trash in your gardening. Tin cans, especially larger cans such as those for coffee, are ideal for planting. If you have an indoor herb garden, for instance, you may prefer smaller cans. You can cut the bottom off plastic laundry soap bottles to use for drip trays on the bottom of your planters. Old popsicle sticks can be used to label different plants. Use an old soda bottle with a hole poked in the lid instead of purchasing a watering can. The options are endless, and you can always get crafty to make your items attractive as well as functional.

Decorating – Pinterest is filled with great ideas on how you can make old items brand new again. Old pallets make an excellent canvas for artwork. Punch designs in a tin can for a one-of-a-kind candle holder. Instead of throwing away your old bed pillows, sew an old shirt into a slipcover and create a throw pillow that allows you to express your personality. Before you toss that item in the trash, think about how it could be repurposed or recycled into something that will put a smile on your face. This type of recycling doesn’t even feel like you are doing anything difficult; you’re just helping your home look its best

Pet Care – Another excellent way to recycle is when you are caring for your four-legged companion. There are many ways to reuse everyday items for your cat or dog. Old blankets or pillows are easy to wash and repurpose into a comfortable sleeping surface. Cut an old carpet scrap and reinforce the edges for a spill-proof mat for feeding and watering. Finally, for storing that food, consider utilizing those giant buckets that are used for storing oil and other products.

As you can see, there are many excellent ways that you can recycle common household products. Before you throw anything away, think about the potential uses for it. That is step one towards being a more ecologically responsible individual.

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