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Bin Rental

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Waste-Disposal Bin Rentals

We have a wide variety of industrial rental bins, dumpster bins and roll-off bins available to suit all of your waste-disposal and recycling needs across the Metro Vancouver region. Whether you have a home-renovation project on the go or a construction project planned, we have garbage-disposal and recycling bins to fit each situation. Call us today and we will recommend a waste-disposal and waste-recycling solution tailored specifically to fit your needs.

Bin Rentals for Home or Business

Our bin rentals are ideal for residential homeowners, home contractors and construction & industrial workers alike. Fleetwood Waste provides a large selection of diverse bin sizes for residential or commercial waste disposal, commercial recycling plans or renovation projects. Whether you need a large-scale recycling bin for cleaning out your garage, a dumpster bin for a roofing or drywall project or a heavy-duty industrial waste bin for concrete or dirt, Fleetwood Waste Systems in Metro Vancouver covers all of your requirements with convenient.

Residential Renovation Disposal Roll-Off Waste Bin Rentals

Uses for Bin Rentals

  • Cleanups – Garbage and Waste Dumpsters
  • General House Garbage, Household Items, Bikes, Old Furniture, Small Appliances, Mattresses
  • Home Renovations – Siding, Drywall, Recycling Dumpsters
  • Patio Items, Walls, Plaster, Insulation
  • Landscaping and Yard Cleanups – Dirt and Gravel Dumpsters
  • Excavated Soil, Screening
  • Roofing and Wood Products – Shingles, Wood- and Metal-Roofing Dumpsters
  • Decking Materials, Frames, Doors, Shelves
  • Construction and Industrial – Concrete Bin Dumpster
    Slabs, Bricks, Asphalt, Porcelain, Rebar

Waste-Bin Sizes and Waste-Bin Delivery

Our bins come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any waste-disposal and recycling requirement for residential, construction and industrial projects. We deliver our waste rental bins to you anywhere in the Metro Vancouver region and then pick them up when you’re done, at your convenience and no questions asked!

What is a Roll-Off Bin?

Waste-disposal roll-off bins or roll-off containers are special dumpster bins designed to easily go and “roll off” trucks for transportation. They can carry huge loads of waste material, including from demolition and construction sites. Roll-off bins are rectangular in shape and have wheels underneath for easy movement onto roll-off trucks and where they are needed. Most roll-off bins come with an open top and a swinging door. Pick the proper roll-off bin by determining the amount of waste you’ll be disposing by volume and weight. For all your roll-off bin rental needs, Fleetwood Waste Systems can deliver and pick them up for you, as well as consult with you on the best size and kind of roll-off bin to most suitably fit your needs.

Residential Bin Rentals

We have a diverse selection of large-scale waste-disposal rental bins available for all of your residential renovation or cleaning projects at your Metro Vancouver house, townhome or outside your apartment building. Our waste-disposal bins and bulk-garbage dumpster bins range in size from eight cubic yards all the way up to 40 cubic yards, ideal for any residential project requiring waste-removal needs. Fleetwood Waste Systems professionally delivers and safely unloads any waste rental bin of your choice to your home and promptly picks-up the full bin once you have completed your project. We make every delivery and pick-up on time and if you require more waste-disposal bins, a different-sized dumpster bin or need to reschedule the delivery and/or pick-up time of your waste-removal bin, call us and we’ll be happy to help!

Commercial Bin Rentals

We have waste-removal bins to suit commercial-work projects and businesses needs of all sizes, with bins ranging in size from eight cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Our team of experienced waste-management professionals will deliver each bin to your worksite or office at the correct time and will promptly remove each filled bin at your convenience. Our waste-recycling bins are ideal for removing bulk-junk items, large-scale amounts of garbage, waste items and recyclables from an office or company during a commercial or interior renovation project, corporate and company special events or from construction or renovation worksites. Our waste-removal staff members consult with you on drop-off and pick-up times, and we take care of any issue regarding the delivery and removal of your commercial dumpster rental bin.

Industrial Bin Rentals

We offer waste-removal industrial-sized bins to suit your factory or warehouse needs or industrial projects, whether you are putting in a new roof, working on a new road or ripping down an existing structure where large amounts of building debris, wood waste, metal waste or industrial-recycling debris pile up. Have a central and sizable rental waste bin for your construction or industrial project in Metro Vancouver convenient for waste removal. Our bins range in size from eight cubic yards to 40 cubic yards so you always have the correct bin size for any industrial project, manufacturing plant or large-scale construction job. We deliver, pick-up and drop off all industrial waste bins and manufacturing waste bins at your location or whatever job site or factory suits your needs, at no extra cost to you. We work with you to schedule delivery and pick-up times and logistics, and we will accommodate any of your special requests.


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