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Disposal Bin Rental

5 Things That Should Never Find Their Way into the Disposal Bin

Disposal bin rentals are to let us have an efficient way for managing different kinds of waste at home and businesses here in East Vancouver. They make it easy and possible for us to have tidy up homes and avoid having garbage cluttering in all the wrong places. However, in as much as the bins are to help us manage wastes at home, there are certain types of wastes that should never find their way into the bins, however appropriate you may think it is. Here are some of the waste classifications that should never find their way into the bins-:

Plastic bags and films

Your disposal bin rental company will not be very pleased with you if every time you stuff the bins with plastic bags and films. These include items such as bread bags, grocery bags, plastic wraps, collection bags and plastic shrink wrap packaging amongst others. The reason for excluding these items from the bins is because they are a danger to the large rotating gears in the sorting and recycling machinery and if a lot of them are loaded on the systems, they have the potential of grounding down everything.


Diapers, whether clean or not, should never be placed in the disposal bins. Diapers can never be recycled. It is not possible to reclaim the paper that is used in making them, and common sense should tell you that products soiled in human fluids and wastes are health risks to the people working in the recycling facilities. As of the moment, there is no technology that can recycle the paper and plastic used in making diapers. The best way to get rid of them, therefore, would be trash them. Kindly consider these and big contaminants and should never go into the disposal bin rentals.

Bolts, hangers and Nuts

Bolts, hangers and nuts are items that should be designated for the junk yards or the scrap metal collectors and not disposal bin rentals. Since they are metallic, they can easily jam most of the recycling machinery, and since some of them are very small, their chances of destroying parts of the machinery at the recycling facility are very high. As a general rule, all kinds of metals should never be included in the bins.

Chains and cables

Chains and cables should also not be part of your content for the disposal bin rentals. Just like plastic bags, they can damage the recycling and sorting machinery by wrapping around the rotating gears and this may lead to a complete shutdown of the facility. The best way to get rid of the chains and cables if you have them in large numbers would be to try the collection program normally run by local home improvement shops.

Bottles and glass items

Bottles and other glass products, such as broken glassware should also not be dumped in the disposal bins. This is for the same reason of not dumping nuts, bolts and hangers. They are likely to affect the sorting and recycling machinery if they are included with the rest of the waste. Unless you have large volumes of glass as part of your waste, they should always be trashed.

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