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Garbage Bin Rentals

Garbage Bin Rentals

Garbage Bin Rentals: The Right Bin Size for Your Business Trash

Waste management is one of the most important services needed by families as well businesses in Vancouver. In as much as choosing the right garbage bin rental services is important, it is equally important to know the right sizes of bins that will suit your waste collection needs.

Here is a brief look into various bin types, their suitable uses and they type of waste they should be used for collecting. Use the information to help you decide on the right bin type and size anytime you think of renting one.

Rear Lift Bins

Rear lift bins range in capacity between 120L to 1100L. The smaller capacity ones are perfect for domestic collection, while the slightly bigger ones are ideal for hotels, small- medium offices, businesses and workshops with limited access. They can carry all manner of wastes and in case there are different kinds of waste being generated, including hazardous waste, then the bins are ideal for segregation at the source.

Front Lift Bins

Front lift bins range in size from 1.5m3 to 4.5m3. Due to their size, they cannot suit domestic uses such as the regular garbage collection at home. They are ideal when you need garbage bin rentals for industrial and commercial applications such as bins for schools, hospitals, distribution outlets, shopping centers as well as for industrial and commercial setups where customers generate all manner of wastes. The bins are robust when it comes to the kinds of wastes they can accommodate and they will comfortably carry all the kinds of wastes generated in such setups.

Skip Bins

Skip bins range in size from 2m3 to 10m3. They are the kind of garbage bin rentals you need when you have mixed waste streams such as concrete, sand and brick rubbles as well as other windblown materials. Skip bins are normally towed with garbage trucks and since they take time to fill up, their collection is never on a daily basis, but only when they have filled or during certain intervals depending on the rate of waste generation. Their size makes them ideal for industrial construction, general and green waste. They have the versatility to handle just any kind of waste and this is why they are preferred to in the big constructions sites in and around the Greater Vancouver region.

Hook lifts Bins

Hook Lifts Bins range in capacity from 10m3 to 30m3. Their size implies that they are permanently on the back of a truck. These are the garbage bin rentals ideal for very large volume waste generation like those experienced in the commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

They are also well suited for large construction and demolition wastes since they can comfortably carry all manner of construction debris without any problems. With this bins, you will only order for them when you need to use them. Most of the garbage bin rental companies in Metro Vancouver will undertake to deliver them on the next working day basis and then collect or exchange them after a day or two, depending on the rate of waste generation.

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