How To Dispose Of Your Waste

Some waste is easy for you to dispose of in your trash can or by recycling. Most people have a pretty good idea how to get rid of kitchen products, paper and common household garbage. What’s best is that more people are recycling every year, so there will be less and less waste going into our landfill. However, some items are harder of which to dispose. In fact, some items are actually “banned” from standard waste disposal. So, what do you do when you’re faced with an unfamiliar item? We’ve put together a short guide that can help you with some of these items.

Batteries – Today, many batteries can be recycled. Standard household batteries can be recycled at the landfill. Most lead or acid car batteries can be taken too. However, you may want to check with your mechanic on those—sometimes when you have your battery replaced you can turn your old one in for a reduction in service cost.

Cardboard and Boxes – Sure, you could throw these items away—but why? Recycling these at the landfill keeps them from becoming a burden on the ecosystem and they can be remade into pulp that is used for new boxes or other similar products.

Scrap Metal – Scrap metal is a big item for recycling. There is no need to toss these out when they can be melted down and reused.

Styrofoam – There are two different grades of Styrofoam. Foam cushion and food packaging can be recycled. Packing peanuts and blue or pink insulation board cannot. These items must be responsibly disposed of in with regular garbage.

Mattresses and box springs – Mattresses and related products are accepted at the landfill. However, they are not accepted at the standard recycling station, and there is a fee associated with disposing of this product. Due to the size and bulkiness, this is still the best choice.

Yard and Lawn Trimmings – Believe it or not, these items must be disposed of carefully. They can become a burden on the ecosystem when dumped into rivers or creeks. The landfill will take them for a nominal fee.

Broken Florescent Light Bulbs – These cannot be disposed of at the landfill. However, there is a Vancouver-based company called Light Recycle that will accept these and make sure they are carefully processed.

Paint and Empty Cans – These must not be thrown away by ordinary means. You’ll often find paint disposal drives in spring and summer. This is a good time to clean out your old product and safely dispose of this item.

Prescription Drugs – If you have unused prescription drugs, take them to your pharmacy for disposal.

While the above information can help you with waste disposal when it comes to some items, you may still have other questions. That’s fine! Feel free to reach out to us at Fleetwood Waste Systems. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you make smart decisions when it comes to waste disposal in or around Vancouver.

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