How To Prevent Driveway Damage From Roll-Off Dumpsters?

When renting a roll-off dumpster, there are several things to consider. What is the most efficient location for the dumpster to reduce the distance between the project and the dumpster’s location? Dumpsters shouldn’t generally harm your property much, but if you’re limited on space or have a hard time finding a suitable spot, you might want to take precautions.

Choosing the best surface area is the first step you can take to secure your property. Concrete is the best option if it is available because it can support the weight and won’t leave any marks on the surface. Although asphalt is also an excellent option, there is a higher chance that a mark might be left on it. Although it is not advisable to put a roll-off dumpster on grass or soft ground, if it is your only choice, we advise laying something down like plywood to distribute the weight.

Here are a few recommendations for positioning the roll-off container on asphalt:

  • Position the dumpster in your driveway’s levelest area.
  • In summer, place the dumpster in the shade. As hot asphalt is more prone to impression.
  • To distribute the weight, place boards below the wheels.

Another thing to think considerĀ is the dumpster’s weight. The greater the weight of your dumpster, the greater the risk of damage. So be sure to take all necessary precautions to secure the area beneath the dumpster if you plan to fill it with heavy items or other heavy goods.

The last thing to consider is the route from where the movement of the dumpster will take place. To avoid accidentally walking through or dropping something in any landscaping, try to pick a path that is away from it. You can once more place plywood on the ground if you are concerned about your lawn wearing down or debris falling out along the route.

Before the dumpster is delivered, speak with the dumpster rental company if you have any queries or concerns. Many trash companies are not responsible for any harm to your property.

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