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Metro-Vancouver Disposal Bins Service

At Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. we work with you to provide the best disposal bins service in Metro Vancouver. With over 100 bins in our inventory, flexible rental periods and a same day dumpster delivery guarantee, trust the team at Fleetwood Waste to deliver value well beyond other waste disposal contractors. We offer affordable bins for garbage, junk removal, construction waste and roofing tear offs. We supply contractors like landscapers and roofers as well as homeowners.

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How You Can Use a Disposal Bins Service to Streamline Your Winter Cleaning

Winter is a time to enjoy some nice cold and play out in the snow if only you will manage to keep yourself warm. Some people will enjoy it while others will wish that it disappears as fast as it came. Irrespective of the divide in which you locate yourself, one thing is for sure: there is always some cleaning to be done, either during winter or when it has gone.

During such times, using disposal bins services comes very handy because you find an efficient method of handling all the junk as well as other types of wastes you may have to deal with during winter. Here are some of the ways disposal bin services can come handy for your winter cleaning-:

Collecting yard waste

Winter is known to create very messy yards. Branches will fall under the weight of the snow and the wind may also carry all manner of debris from other places into your compound. Additionally, with the leaves and the branches falling, you may find the need to do some trimming to make the trees and the bushes look more presentable and this will lead to more yard waste. With disposal bin services, you wouldn’t have to worry about collecting and disposing all these kinds of waste. Simply pile them up in the bins and wait for the garbage collection company to come for them.

Pre-winter lawn trimming

Pre-winter lawn trimming is usually encouraged just before the snow and the ice hit the ground. Since most parts of the lawn will be buried under the snow, it is a wise thing to get it trimmed so that when winter is over and spring comes with all its beauty, your lawn will be still in a great shape. When trimming the lawn, you will need a nice way of disposing all the grass and here you can always use the disposal bin services. All you have to do is get the right bin size and use it to keep all the grass and wait for the garbage company to come for them.

Winter house cleaning

For many people, deep cleaning the house is something they love doing when spring sets in and the weather is a bit nicer. But why not do it when everyone is indoors. Winter house cleaning comes with a whole set of benefits since you do it when there is no hurry or urgency in the cleaning, thus increasing your chances of doing a very good job.

This is the best time to go through your house and do away with all the items you no longer have use for, so that when the weather changes, you have a clean and neat house. It is also the best time to clean places such as the furnace (at least once a month) since it will be in use a lot and it needs to stay clean if you desire it to continue being efficient. The kitchen ceiling is also a good target for winter cleaning. Since you will generate all manner of wastes with this, disposal bin services will be greatly encouraged to allow you have a nice way to dispose of the waste.

Fleetwood Waste Systems, LTD offers a professional, low-priced disposable bins service that includes waste hauling as well as recycling services. When you rent one of the many sizes of waste bins from Fleetwood Waste, you can choose the size that most fits your needs as well as count on speedy, reliable pickup. Call (604)-294-1393 or view

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