Things To Consider Before Calling A Dumpster Rental

You can enjoy the ease of access to any circumstance involving waste disposal by renting a dumpster. People doing a significant decluttering endeavor and those working on a home renovation or building projects can benefit from a dumpster rental service.

Therefore, before calling a dumpster rental company, you should be aware of the following:

  • Different Sizes of Dumpsters

The proper size of the dumpster should be carefully chosen before renting it. For example, if you select a too small bin, you might have to return it or hire another bin, which would cause a delay in the project’s completion and raise your costs. Additionally, the size you require will depend on the type of waste you need to get rid of.

Spending extra money on a large one that you can’t fill is not something you want to do. So, if you’re not sure exactly what size container you’ll need, you can always talk to the representatives of trash rental companies and seek guidance.

  • Some things you cannot dump

Every dumpster rental company has their rules for what can and cannot be dumped in the container they provide. It is prohibited to dump dangerous or flammable materials in dumpsters.

  • Where to place it

You must have a place on your property that is conveniently accessible to the dumpster when you rent one. The vehicle will be sent over and shouldn’t encounter any issues while performing the task because the dumpster company will be collecting up the dumpster at a specified day and time for disposal.

There shouldn’t be any obstacles in the area where the dumpster will be placed, and a clearance of at least 22-feet is advised above it. You can put the hired dumpster in the street if you don’t have a convenient location on your property. However, you probably require a permit for that, so you must find out what steps you must do to obtain that permit.

  • Get your waste ready for disposal

It would be better if you prepare all the trash in advance. If you dump them in a dumpster the way they are, it might take up a lot of room. However, by dismantling them, you’ll free up extra space in your trash for additional waste.

  • Weight Limits

The basic idea of renting a dumpster is to dump all the trash in the container, but we should keep one thing in mind, i.e., the weight. Certain dumpster rental companies have certain weight limits, and going above the weight restriction typically results in additional charges.


Consequently, having your trash prepared in advance makes it possible for you to fill the container as soon as the dumpster rental provider brings it. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of time you need to rent the dumpster, which ought to lower the rental cost.

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