Waste Bin Rental Services in Metro Vancouver

Waste Bin Rentals in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley: Construction Waste Bin Rentals

Construction waste bin rentals is one of the best ways to manage all the waste generated during a construction project. The bins make it easy for the contractors to proceed with their work smoothly as well as secure the site from potentially hazardous materials such as nails, shingles and other debris.

While considering the bin rentals for a construction project, here are some insights worth taking into consideration-:

Get the right bin size – don’t underestimate the volume of waste to be generated

The amount of waste generated from construction sites is always very huge. To avoid having the bin fill up every now and then, it is advisable for you to go for the right size that will accommodate a good volume of the waste before it gets filled up. In this manner, you won’t have to stop the project to go and empty the bin before continuing with the renovation or construction. If you are not certain about the right size, simply ask your contractor for the probable size that will fit the nature and size of the project.

Ensure the waste you generate will be accepted by the renovation waste bins rental company

The majority of the renovation waste bins rental companies will accept the bulk of the waste generated in a typical construction or renovation project. These include items such as building stones, used concrete, shingles, nails, tar and polyurethane amongst others. However, you may find that you may be dealing with a project generating wastes such as asbestos which is categorized as hazardous waste. You should thus take time beforehand and inquire a list of acceptable materials before you sign for the rental.

Know the number of square shingles you have to dispose of for roofing projects

If you were carrying out a roofing renovation, you should have a good idea of the number of square shingles you will have to dispose as this will give you a clear guidance on the size of the bin to rent. Simply use the number of existing layers of shingles on the roof for a more accurate estimation, but in case you have any doubts, simply rent a bigger renovation waste bins.

Make a deal with the construction waste bins Rentals Company

This is only ideal if you are involved in the construction industry a lot or if you are individual with multiple construction works and who will need a lot of rentals to help manage the construction wastes. The objective of this is to let the rental company give you a better deal in exchange for doing regular business with them. If you get a good company like Fleetwood Waste, you would be assured of a great deal since they value customer relation and are always eager to get long term clients.

If you are carrying out a construction or renovation project and you are in need of reliable bin rental services, you can contact us at (604) 294-1393 for reliable construction waste bins rental services.

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