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Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. is a professional waste disposal company that offers extremely fast service and low prices. Whether you need to rent waste bins or recycling bins, Fleetwood Waste has a large variety of sizes available to fit your preferences and your waste will quickly be hauled away. For prices, call (604)-294-1393 or go to fleetwoodwaste.com.

The Right Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waste Disposal Contractor

No one desires to have wastes, but unfortunately everyone generates it in one way or another. And once generated, it must be removed and this makes the garbage removal industry one of the hottest ones in Metro Vancouver, because nobody wants to stay with their waste. But with so many listings of service providers, choosing a suitable waste disposal company is not guaranteed to be a walk in the park.

Your choice of the company will determine if you get reliable and efficient services, or if it will be a source of mystery and frustrations for you. When considering waste disposal contractors, be sure to ask the following questions to help you ascertain if the company will meet all your waste disposal needs-:

What is your price structure?

Most of the waste disposal companies in Vancouver will charge based on the load, but there are a few others that base their charges on the number of trips. Both the distance traveled as well as the load of your garbage is may determine the rates you will pay.

As such, you need to get a clarification from the waste disposal company on their pricing structure so that you are well informed. If possible, they should come to your house and provide you with a free estimate so that both you and the company are on the same page when it comes to pricing.

Is cleanup included in the pricing?

A good waste disposal company should sweep and clean the area once they are finished, so that you are not bothered with tidying up the place after they leave. If you were involved in a major home renovation project, then you will desire a company that will take care of the cleaning as well after the garbage is removed. You should therefore confirm beforehand if this is also included in the pricing structure they offered and if not, you should ask how much it will cost to have that done as well.

What kind of garbage do you accept?

Most of the garbage removal companies in Vancouver will accept just about anything. However, there are others that will have restrictions on the kind of waste they remove. For instance, there are some companies that will avoid wastes such as batteries, solvents, paints and other hazardous wastes. You should be sure to ask about this so that you are not stranded with a particular type of wastes simply because you were unaware that your garbage disposal company doesn’t deal in it.

Who does the heavy lifting?

Some waste disposal companies will come with their workers who will collect the garbage from right inside your house or compound, while others will require you to take the waste to a certain central location for the pickup.

If you needed to dispose heavy items such as furniture and appliances, then you may need an extra hand in doing the heavy lifting. Therefore, it is important to ask if the wasted disposal company will come with their crew or if it will be upon you to do the heavy lifting.

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