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Metro Vancouver Waste Disposal Bin Rental

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Metro Vancouver Waste Disposal Bin Rental Service

What is a waste disposal bin? The process starts with a call to (604) 294-1393 where will help you decide what size of bins are available for your type of waste to dispose. From there you pick a date and time for dropping off the bin and we deliver the waste disposal bin as planned. While the bin is one your site, load it at your convenience with household waste, items for residential disposal including junk, trash and garbage. Simply give us a call when you are finished and we will pick up the bin for disposal and recycling. After we dump the load, we create an invoice and send a receipt.

Benefits of Renting a Waste Disposal Bin from Fleetwood Waste Systems:

– If you’re looking to save money on your upcoming project, Fleetwood Waste Systems can help you achieve your goal. it takes the dedication and expertise of a company specialist to determine the right size bin to meet your needs- and that’s what you’ll find at Fleetwood. Just make a call to 604-294-1393 to discuss your project’s requirements and they’ll be happy to help you look at your options at how you can get the space you need without spending more than you need to. Connecting with a Fleetwood expert is the fastest way to budget your disposal needs.

– If you’re like most locals, you’re looking for a company that’s reliable. At Fleetwood, affordability meets reliability in a service that is custom designed to meet your needs exclusively. You won’t be sitting around waiting for your bin to arrive, wasting valuable company resources. Fleetwood will make certain your bin is where you want it when you need it- guaranteed. Based out of Vancouver, Fleetwood serves the greater region with all surrounds, and is able to meet the needs of various communities within the Vancouver extension.

– The right size of bin means a smaller environmental footprint. Why opt for a bulky, oversized, smelly dumpster when you can rent a clean, perfectly sized recycle bin from Fleetwood that won’t overwhelm your neighbors or be an eyesore to the community where you live or work? With Fleetwood, you don’t have to settle for a waste disposal bin that is corroding, smelly or rusted through. The fact is, Fleetwood takes a lot of pride in delivering well-maintained waste bins to their clients in an effort to avoid regulations infringements within homeowners communities. We’d bet your neighbors will hardly notice you’re renting a bin from Fleetwood, and if they do happen to notice, it won’t inconvenience them in the least.

– Are you a champion of the local environment? Fleetwood Waste Systems is too- and they demonstrate their love for the local environment and its pristine conditions on a daily basis by keeping more of your trash out of the landfill than most other companies are able to. They do this by offering recycle-exclusive bins that can ensure 100% of the materials placed are recycled, repurposed or reused. If you love Vancouver, its beaches, and its clean air and landscape, partner with Fleetwood to dispose of your construction materials, home renovation debris, cleanout-trash and other disposal items in the best way possible for maximum recycling. You’ll be glad you did!

Request a free quote now by calling Fleetwood Waste Systems at 604-294-1393 or fill out the convenient online form for a quick reply from a specialist from Fleetwood. For residential, commercial and industrial disposal of junk, rubbish, materials or debris, you’ll find Fleetwood is on the cutting edge of disposal. Call now to discuss your project with an expert.

Metro Vancouver Disposal Bins Service

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Metro-Vancouver Disposal Bins Service

At Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. we work with you to provide the best disposal bins service in Metro Vancouver. With over 100 bins in our inventory, flexible rental periods and a same day dumpster delivery guarantee, trust the team at Fleetwood Waste to deliver value well beyond other waste disposal contractors. We offer affordable bins for garbage, junk removal, construction waste and roofing tear offs. We supply contractors like landscapers and roofers as well as homeowners.

Call (604) 294-1393 and get Fleetwood Waste to deliver your next disposal bins service.

How You Can Use a Disposal Bins Service to Streamline Your Winter Cleaning

Winter is a time to enjoy some nice cold and play out in the snow if only you will manage to keep yourself warm. Some people will enjoy it while others will wish that it disappears as fast as it came. Irrespective of the divide in which you locate yourself, one thing is for sure: there is always some cleaning to be done, either during winter or when it has gone.

During such times, using disposal bins services comes very handy because you find an efficient method of handling all the junk as well as other types of wastes you may have to deal with during winter. Here are some of the ways disposal bin services can come handy for your winter cleaning-:

Collecting yard waste

Winter is known to create very messy yards. Branches will fall under the weight of the snow and the wind may also carry all manner of debris from other places into your compound. Additionally, with the leaves and the branches falling, you may find the need to do some trimming to make the trees and the bushes look more presentable and this will lead to more yard waste. With disposal bin services, you wouldn’t have to worry about collecting and disposing all these kinds of waste. Simply pile them up in the bins and wait for the garbage collection company to come for them.

Pre-winter lawn trimming

Pre-winter lawn trimming is usually encouraged just before the snow and the ice hit the ground. Since most parts of the lawn will be buried under the snow, it is a wise thing to get it trimmed so that when winter is over and spring comes with all its beauty, your lawn will be still in a great shape. When trimming the lawn, you will need a nice way of disposing all the grass and here you can always use the disposal bin services. All you have to do is get the right bin size and use it to keep all the grass and wait for the garbage company to come for them.

Winter house cleaning

For many people, deep cleaning the house is something they love doing when spring sets in and the weather is a bit nicer. But why not do it when everyone is indoors. Winter house cleaning comes with a whole set of benefits since you do it when there is no hurry or urgency in the cleaning, thus increasing your chances of doing a very good job.

This is the best time to go through your house and do away with all the items you no longer have use for, so that when the weather changes, you have a clean and neat house. It is also the best time to clean places such as the furnace (at least once a month) since it will be in use a lot and it needs to stay clean if you desire it to continue being efficient. The kitchen ceiling is also a good target for winter cleaning. Since you will generate all manner of wastes with this, disposal bin services will be greatly encouraged to allow you have a nice way to dispose of the waste.

Fleetwood Waste Systems, LTD offers a professional, low-priced disposable bins service that includes waste hauling as well as recycling services. When you rent one of the many sizes of waste bins from Fleetwood Waste, you can choose the size that most fits your needs as well as count on speedy, reliable pickup. Call (604)-294-1393 or view

Reliable & Efficient Waste Management Vancouver Services

Waste Management Vancouver

Waste management in Vancouver has been made easy and affordable thanks to the professionals at Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. Waste management Vancouver offers many rental bin sizes for both waste removal as well as recycling services. Fleetwood Waste is known for speedy service and competitive prices; call (604)-294-1393 or go to for more information. Whether you are looking for commercial waste audit services, dumpster rentals or garbage dumpsters we have a waste management service that is perfect for you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Waste Manage Company

Waste management is something that every family and business in Vancouver must deal with appropriately. But your success in dealing with and managing the waste will greatly depend on your choice of the waste management Vancouver Company. For a great experience, vigilance is highly encouraged and there are certain common mistakes you must avoid at all times when you are making your choice of waste management companies.

Falling for these mistakes may make you have a nasty experience with your waste management company and you may never reap the pleasures of professional garbage disposal services. Here are the mistakes you must avoid-:

Failure to define the kind of waste you generate

The first mistake most people make when searching for a waste disposal company is failure to define the kind of waste they produce. It is vital to know exactly what kind of waste you will require the garbage removal company to handle for. Without knowing the kind of waste you generate, you may find yourself at loggerheads with the company when you will give them a waste type they normally don’t deal with.

Failure to check the credentials of the waste management company

Your desire as a client is to work with a reputable company with the competency to take care of all your waste disposal needs. It should be a company that deals directly in the line of waste you produce and they should have the know how and the technical capacity to deal with it.

This is because if you work with an incompetent company which is not qualified or disposes your waste as not required by the law, the waste may be traced back to you and you may be in for some heavy penalties. It is thus important to check out the company and ascertain beyond reasonable doubt that they are indeed the best fit for your waste management needs.

Working with out of state or out of city waste management companies

Unless you produce a different kind of waste whose management is beyond the scope of the local waste management companies, you should always opt to work with the local companies. This makes a lot of sense because by working with the local guys, you cut greatly on the “waste miles” that would have seen you spend a lot of money due to the long distances that has to be travelled to handle your waste. Additionally, working with local guys will help you reduce the environmental footprint by reducing transport and the associated pollution.

Not being clear about the cost

Lack of clarity about the costing is another problem most people face when hiring waste management companies. Most people go for the services without ever understanding how the company pricing works and they never bother to ask about the specific items covered in the cost. As a result, they make gross assumptions that ultimately render a poor experience between them and the company. Before hiring any waste management Vancouver company, be sure to understand the pricing and know exactly what you will be paying for.

Waste Disposal Company Services Greater Surrey and Fraser Valley

Waste Disposal Company

Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. is a professional waste disposal company that offers extremely fast service and low prices. Whether you need to rent waste bins or recycling bins, Fleetwood Waste has a large variety of sizes available to fit your preferences and your waste will quickly be hauled away. For prices, call (604)-294-1393 or go to

The Right Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waste Disposal Contractor

No one desires to have wastes, but unfortunately everyone generates it in one way or another. And once generated, it must be removed and this makes the garbage removal industry one of the hottest ones in Metro Vancouver, because nobody wants to stay with their waste. But with so many listings of service providers, choosing a suitable waste disposal company is not guaranteed to be a walk in the park.

Your choice of the company will determine if you get reliable and efficient services, or if it will be a source of mystery and frustrations for you. When considering waste disposal contractors, be sure to ask the following questions to help you ascertain if the company will meet all your waste disposal needs-:

What is your price structure?

Most of the waste disposal companies in Vancouver will charge based on the load, but there are a few others that base their charges on the number of trips. Both the distance travelled as well as the load of your garbage is may determine the rates you will pay.

As such, you need to get a clarification from the waste disposal company on their pricing structure so that you are well informed. If possible, they should come to your house and provide you with a free estimate so that both you and the company are on the same page when it comes to pricing.

Is cleanup included in the pricing?

A good waste disposal company should sweep and clean the area once they are finished, so that you are not bothered with tidying up the place after they leave. If you were involved in a major home renovation project, then you will desire a company that will take care of the cleaning as well after the garbage is removed. You should therefore confirm beforehand if this is also included in the pricing structure they offered and if not, you should ask how much it will cost to have that done as well.

What kind of garbage do you accept?

Most of the garbage removal companies in Vancouver will accept just about anything. However, there are others that will have restrictions on the kind of waste they remove. For instance, there are some companies that will avoid wastes such as batteries, solvents, paints and other hazardous wastes. You should be sure to ask about this so that you are not stranded with a particular type of wastes simply because you were unaware that your garbage disposal company doesn’t deal in it.

Who does the heavy lifting?

Some waste disposal companies will come with their workers who will collect the garbage from right inside your house or compound, while others will require you to take the waste to a certain central location for the pickup.

If you needed to dispose heavy items such as furniture and appliances, then you may need an extra hand in doing the heavy lifting. Therefore, it is important to ask if the wasted disposal company will come with their crew or if it will be upon you to do the heavy lifting.

Waste Bin Services in Greater Vancouver, BC

Waste Bin Services

If you are in need of professional waste bin services, Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. has some of the fastest service in the area as well as the lowest prices. Fleetwood Waste offers any and all waste services you could need, including bin rentals, waste disposal, and much more. For more details, you can call (604)-294-1393 or visit

What to Look for in a Waste Bin Company

Choosing the right waste bin services is crucial both for your convenience and hygiene. Waste is generated on a regular basis and whether it is at home or at your place of work, it is of utmost importance to have in place a reputable waste bin service company to take care of the wastes promptly and efficiently. For a good experience and peace of mind with your waste disposal, here are a few of the factors to consider when searching for the right company-:


The last thing you want from your waste bin company is for them to fail making collections at the promised times. This may come with considerable health and safety risks, in addition to causing you great inconvenience at home. It is thus of vital importance to choose on a company that will honor their word when it comes to collecting the wastes.

Environmental Considerations

As a waste bin services client, you only concern should not just be to see the wastes collected from your premises in good time. Out of concern for the environment and the need to preserve it for the future generations, it is upon you to make sure the waste generated by you does not contribute to the further degradation of the environment due to poor handling or disposal by you waste bin company.

You should, therefore, consider working with a company that is conscious about the need to preserve the environment. Ideally, the company should have practices such as segregation at the source to help in recycling and make the process of waste disposal more efficient.

Customer Services

Just like with any other service industry, issues are bound occur between you and the waste bin services. The problem, however, is not issues occurring, but how the issues are dealt with. For a start, you want to hire the services of a company you can reach whenever there are problems or you need certain issues addressed. The customer services must thus be available whenever you need them. They should be responsive and professional in every way to enable smooth and effective resolution of issues as they arise.

The Rates

For good waste bin services, there should be a good balance between the quality of the services offered and the rates at which they have been availed. If you were in need of waste bin services in the greater Vancouver region, then you may be tempted to opt for the companies offering slightly lower rates. But this may not be a good move, considering that the rates offered will always be indicative of the quality of services to expect. Therefore, don’t shy away from the companies whose rates are slightly higher since they are likely to offer you with good services.

Reviews from past clients

With the advent of the internet, people nowadays go online to read reviews of companies they intend to use their services. The same should also be the case when you need waste bin services in the Greater Vancouver region. From the reviews, you will know about the likely experience to expect and you will also have the ability to avoid working with the poorly reviewed companies.

Fleetwood Waste offers any and all waste services you could need, including bin rentals, waste disposal, and much more. For more details, you can call (604)-294-1393 or visit

Waste Bin Rental Services in Metro Vancouver

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Waste Bin Rentals in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley: Construction Waste Bin Rentals

Construction waste bin rentals is one of the best ways to manage all the waste generated during a construction project. The bins make it easy for the contractors to proceed with their work smoothly as well as secure the site from potentially hazardous materials such as nails, shingles and other debris.

While considering the bin rentals for a construction project, here are some insights worth taking into consideration-:

Get the right bin size – don’t underestimate the volume of waste to be generated

The amount of waste generated from construction sites is always very huge. To avoid having the bin fill up every now and then, it is advisable for you to go for the right size that will accommodate a good volume of the waste before it gets filled up. In this manner, you won’t have to stop the project to go and empty the bin before continuing with the renovation or construction. If you are not certain about the right size, simply ask your contractor for the probable size that will fit the nature and size of the project.

Ensure the waste you generate will be accepted by the renovation waste bins rental company

The majority of the renovation waste bins rental companies will accept the bulk of the waste generated in a typical construction or renovation project. These include items such as building stones, used concrete, shingles, nails, tar and polyurethane amongst others. However, you may find that you may be dealing with a project generating wastes such as asbestos which is categorized as hazardous waste. You should thus take time beforehand and inquire a list of acceptable materials before you sign for the rental.

Know the number of square shingles you have to dispose of for roofing projects

If you were carrying out a roofing renovation, you should have a good idea of the number of square shingles you will have to dispose as this will give you a clear guidance on the size of the bin to rent. Simply use the number of existing layers of shingles on the roof for a more accurate estimation, but in case you have any doubts, simply rent a bigger renovation waste bins.

Make a deal with the construction waste bins Rentals Company

This is only ideal if you are involved in the construction industry a lot or if you are individual with multiple construction works and who will need a lot of rentals to help manage the construction wastes. The objective of this is to let the rental company give you a better deal in exchange for doing regular business with them. If you get a good company like Fleetwood Waste, you would be assured of a great deal since they value customer relation and are always eager to get long term clients.

If you are carrying out a construction or renovation project and you are in need of reliable bin rental services, you can contact us at (604) 294-1393 for reliable construction waste bins rental services.

Metro Vancouver Roll Off Bins

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Bin Rentals Delivered by a Roll Off Truck

Working with roll off bins seems to be a fairly straight forward thing since all you need to do is simply collect, toss and repeat. However, there are instances when individuals sustained injuries and sometimes recklessness around the bins can prove to very painful.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that each and every individual take all the safety protocols given by the rental bin companies when you sign up for the rental. To start you off, here are some of the important safety tips you should observe at all times when you are working with the roll off bins in Metro Vancouver.

Safety apparels

It is always recommended you be in safety gear every time you are disposing anything in the roll off bins. Even when you are convinced that what you are tossing into the bin has few moving parts or has no chance of ricocheting back at you, you should always protect your face, foot, and hands with the appropriate safety gear.

Put on tough clothing

When working with the roll off bins, you want to ensure that the clothes you have are comfortable and breathable so that you don’t feel a lot of heat should you work for long hours. Besides, the roll off bins are usually deployed in places where you are likely to find sharp object such as nails, wood splinters or metals which can accidentally bounce off your skin, tear your clothes if they are not strong enough and leave you with a cut.

Fill the roll-off bin evenly

As you dump the debris into the roll off bin, be sure that it is spread and loaded evenly. This will make it easy for the Vancouver roll off bins company to load it on the trucks and whisk it away with minimum to no spillage. Again even loading will let you know if you have reached the recommended capacity, beyond which you may attract fines or extra fees.

Never attempt to move the roll off bin on your own

When the bin is full, it will always be very heavy and can weigh multiple tons of garbage. You should never ever make the mistake of attempting to move the bin with any means and for whatever reasons. It is imperative for you to wait for the roll of bins rental company to come for the pick and if it was an emergency which necessitated the immediate moving of the bin, call the company or the municipal council to come the necessary equipment and machinery to help you move it. Attempting on your own is an exercise in futility and one which can risk your life and those around you.

Know what you are not allowed to dump in the bins

It is also vitally important to know the items you are prohibited from dumping inside the roll off bin. This may not be a safety measure, but it will be for the benefit of the environment and also save you from incurring unnecessary fines and extra charges.

Recycling Bins in Surrey

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Disposal Bin Rental in Surrey BC: 5 Things you are prohibited from Dumping in the City Recycling Bins

Disposal bin rental in Surrey BC is always a good way to manage waste both at home and at the work place. If you use the bins correctly as prescribed by the law and the rental companies, you are bound to have a great experience and you will never have any problems with the law.

However, if you misuse them or dump prohibited items, you may end up incurring expensive fees and penalties which you could have avoided if only you knew the prohibited items. To help you out, here are the five things you must never dump when you are using the disposal South Surrey bin rental services-:

Plastic bottle caps

You are allowed to dump the plastic bottles in the disposal bins, but this is never the case with the plastic bottle caps. This is for the simple fact that the bottle are recyclable while the caps are unrecyclable because they are manufactured with plastic #5 which most of the household pick up recycling programs in Surrey BC does not accept. This also includes caps for things like detergent bottles and the tubs for peanut butter. Including the plastic bottle tops in the bin rentals may only attract unnecessary fines.

Pizza Boxes

Many people are often amazed why pizza boxes are never allowed in the disposal rental bins, yet they are made of cardboard, which in most forms is recyclable. The reason why pizza boxes is prohibited from being deposited in the bins is that they contain oil from the pizza which is normally absorbed deep into the boxes, thus making the box a contaminant in the recycling process. If the boxes were to be included, they would end up contaminating the entire batch on the recycling machine.

Aerosol cans

Though the aerosol cans are made of recyclable materials, your disposal bin rental Surrey will not permit you to dump them in the bins because they contain harmful chemicals and this prevents them from being taken to the curb with the rest of the metals being recycled. In this manner, the cans must be excluded and be disposed using other appropriate means.


Styrofoam is available in plenty and it is an environmental disaster. The substance is made from petroleum and it is highly flammable and almost all the disposal bin rental companies in Surrey will reject collecting it. The best way to get rid of any Styrofoam you may have is to check around the community for locations or establishments recycling the substance and use such for safe disposal.

Wet Paper

Wet paper are also not allowed in the disposal bins for the same reasons pizza boxes are not allowed. Specifically, the fibers in wet paper are damaged once they come into contact with any liquid and as such, they may contaminate the rest of the batch in the recycling facility. But since paper is not considered a very serious environmental hazard, you can always find safe methods to get rid of them or simply ensure they don’t get wet prior to dumping in the bins.


Disposal Bin Rentals in Surrey

If you are having trouble getting rid of all your recycling and garbage with the city, simply call Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. for a bin rental instead. We offer bins for rent to South Surrey, Cloverdale, Clayton Heights, Whalley, North Surrey, Newton and even Port Kells and Fleetwood. For the best disposal bin rentals in the Fraser Valley call (604) 294-1393

Waste Disposal Company

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Effective Waste Management with Disposal Bin Vancouver Services
Waste management is most significant for a healthy society and the very people who live in the society are actually responsible for the same. However, it si found that the management of waste and its disposal has become a humongous task for the authorities because of improper disposal of waste by the general public. Everybody should by now be aware of the concept and method of segregation which allows the waster to be divided into various categories like those that must be reduced to dust, those that can be reused in some other form and yet others that can be recycled. Moreover, real waste materials are those that can be disposed of forever which should be kept separate from the others.
There are many ways in which the bio-degradable waste can be healthily disposed of and that includes the kitchen waste that can be thrown into a pit specifically dug out for that particular reason. Known as a compost pit, this can be quite effective in disposing off the kitchen waste. Apart from being a healthy way to dispose kitchen waste, the material that is made available once they become decayed form the best kind fertilizers for the garden both the flower and the kitchen garden for the growth of vegetables.
Another method to dispose of both biodegradable and non –biodegradable waste is to engage the services of the companies offering garbage disposal services Vancouver city offers. One of the main reasons to engage their disposal service is to ensure that the surrounding areas of the home and the work place remain clean and hygienic. For a hygienic environment it is important to keep the area within the home clean. One disadvantage of the use of the waste disposal bins inside the kitchen is that they tend to give out a bad odor which is quite offensive. Therefore, the best way is to maintain waste disposal bin outside the kitchen. Sometimes, due to negligence, the waste in the kitchen, like the vegetables peels or the seeds of some vegetables, may block the drainage system leading to disorders in the plumbing system. Therefore, considering all these factors, the best way to manage the garbage disposal in the most effective manner is to engage the disposal services of the waste disposal agency located in Vancouver, BC.
The best reason why engaging the services of the garbage disposal agency is that they provide the right bins colored according to the guidelines issued by the environmental authorities. So this will force the home owners to dispose their home waste in the right way. Moreover, the material used to make the trash disposal bins are such that they do not give out the odors of the waste, and they specify a particular area to keep the disposal bins where people can dump the waste within the room. This helps in keeping the surrounding of an area clean and hygienic.
Waste disposal is a social responsibility and everyone in the society should make an effort for its effective and efficient disposal. Hence, contacting the companies engaged in the services to generate an organized garbage disposal system is necessary.

Bin Rental Tips In Surrey

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How to Select the Right Disposal Bin Rental Service in Surrey

To avoid a lot of stress and the loss of peace of mind due to poor waste disposal services, it is imperative to work with a reliable disposal bin rental Surrey company. The last thing you need is to be bothered by waste yet you are already spending your money in hiring disposal services. To this effect, a lot of vigilance is needed when you are choosing the disposal bin rental company and here are a few tips to help you avoid the bad ones and increase your chances of landing the right company-:

Understand the type of waste you will be generating

Your selection of disposal bin rental Surrey company will be largely influenced by the type of waste you will be disposing hence the first thing is to have a good understanding of what you will be collecting. Once you know what you will be collecting, it will be easier for you to choose the right size and type of bin and also know the particular items that are not allowed in that bin type and which might earn you fines.

The duration you will need the bin

It is also important to know how long you will need the rental bin. This will not just help you work the right budget, but also it will help in scheduling for pick up with the disposal bin rental Surrey company. In most cases, it is advisable to overestimate the time you will need rather than underestimate the time and have the bin collected when you have not yet finished using it.

Choose with the location in mind

It is always a good idea to have a location picked for the bin before you it is delivered to your premises. You should be very careful with choosing the location so that you place it a good spot that will make it easy for you to dump the waste. Additionally, the location chosen should be easily accessible to facilitate easy drop off and collection ones it is full. Have in mind that some companies may impose extra charges if they find it difficult to deliver your disposal bin due to poor choice of location. Don’t be afraid to take physical measurements to help you determine the right bin vis-à-vis the location.

Don’t forget to research

Do some research to familiarize yourself with the disposal bin rental Surrey company and know exactly what to expect before the bin is delivered. You can consider a couple of companies in your research and choose only the one you think will meet your needs. Also take some time to read reviews by past users so that you can gain more insights on the experience the company offers so far. Should you have any doubts or questions about the company, don’t hesitate to ask them directly, either through phone or via email.

Cheap Bins is always not the best

Finally, don’t be swayed by low rates when searching for disposal bin rental Surrey services. Ultimately, you will be getting the services you paid for and if you decided to go the cheap way, you will have yourself to blame if, and when things go south with the disposal services.

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