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Best Garbage Bin Rentals

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Best Garbage Bin Rentals Tips in Surrey

Garbage bins are heavenly when it comes to helping households and businesses take care of their wastes in Canada. Garbage bin rental is a convenience that saves businesses as well as household from worrying about how and where they will take their wastes. All they have to do is fill up the bins and wait for the collection.

If you were considering renting bins in Surrey to help you manage your waste, here are some of the best garbage bin rentals tips to help you get the most from your rental-:

Know The Size Bin That You Need

You should be advised that the cost of the rentals will be in direct proportion to the size of the bin. It implies that if you opt for a bigger bin, then you will pay higher than when you opt for a smaller bin. To navigate around this and ensure you don’t pay more than what you should, just be sure to know the size you need. A good way to do this is to think about the amount of waste generated by your home or businesses and from there, you can then make the right choice. If it is your first time, you can evaluate how well that initial size served you then you can adjust the size accordingly in the future.

Work with the local companies

The other tip for the best garbage bin rentals in Surrey is to consider working with a local company. This is because the local companies normally have a genuine desire to have very strong network in the locality they serve and this makes them offer very good services to their clients.

Additionally, working with the local garbage rental companies in Surrey will be more convenient since you are assured of timely pickup and deliveries and these will make the rental even more enjoyable as compared to relying on a company located in another state to help you take care of your garbage.

Always Research the Garbage Bin Companies

There is no way you will get the best garbage bin rentals in Surrey if you decided to work with first comes your way. Nothing takes the place of good research of the companies when you need quality services or products. Likewise, take your time to research some of the garbage bin rental companies in Surrey and evaluate the ones that are likely to meet your specific needs. Read reviews submitted by past users so that you can have an idea of kind of experience you are to expect should you decide to work with that company.

Ask for discounts

In as much as you desire to have the best garbage bin rental service in Surrey, nothing stops you from getting the services at a lower costs and one of the ways to do this is simply ask for a discount from the rental company. If it is a local company with the desire to grow their local network, they may use such discounts as incentives to make you their client. As such, you get to lower down your cost of waste management while still you get quality services.

Waste Bins Rental in Greater Surrey

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Top Benefits for Waste Bin Rental Surrey

There are quite a number of reasons for homeowners and businesses to consider waste bin rental Surrey services. Most people, however, are worried about the cost of the rentals, but a closer analysis will reveal to you that the benefits outweigh the cost concerns by far. Particularly for businesses, here are some of the awesome benefits that come with waste bin rental Surrey-:

Cleaner work environment

With a waste bin rental Surrey, businesses are guaranteed of a cleaner workplace that will not just be ideal for the workers of the business, but also will be important in creating the right image of the company when visitors come.

The amount of waste generated by businesses can sometimes be phenomenal and in the absence of a proper way to collect and dispose the waste, the work environment can get into a regrettable mess in a very short time. But with bin rental services, everything will be under control since all the waste generated will be safely disposed and at the right time.

Flexibility for projects

Commercial projects, especially those to do with construction will never be without a lot of waste generation in the process. It is the responsibility of the business or the project manager to consider the most effective ways to deal with all the wastes generated.

Waste bin rental Surrey services have always been a preferred option by the majority since the bins are available in different sizes, some big enough to suffice in construction waste management. With the bins, all the wastes generated on the site can be collected and once the bins are full, a pickup is scheduled and all the materials are safely disposed.

Guaranteed safe disposal of waste

Waste management is a serious concern in Canada and you may get slapped with fines and penalties if you attempt to mismanage your waste in any way. As an individual, you may lack the time to ensure safe disposal of your waste or you may do it in the wrong way or at the wrong place, thus inviting penalties and fines from the local authorities.

However, if you opt for waste bin rental Surrey, you will not have to worry about all these since the bin rental company will always ensure that your waste is disposed in the right manner and at the right place. You thus don’t have to worry about fines and penalties.

Cost effective since you pick the bin sizes you need

One of the versatilities of using waste bin rental Surrey services is the ability to choose the bin sizes you need. Homeowners as well as businesses are free to rent only the bins they are certain will accommodate the amount of waste they generate.

Since the cost of the bin rental is normally relative to the specific sizes, it gives a lot of people a great deal of flexibility with regards to the cost of waste management in Surrey. You only pay for what you think will be sufficient for your waste management needs.

Garbage Bin Services

Some of the Garbage Bin Services that we offer in Metro Vancouver

Waste Bin Services

At Fleetwood Waste, we are passionate about the environment. Our inventory of waste bins has the perfect bin rental for your project. Our waste bin services also include ethical disposal and recycling or repurposing whenever possible. We can even take your waste bin and source separate the garbage, wood, trash, metal and junk so that the most waste is diverted from the landfill and transfer station as possible. We find local partners when we create your waste management strategy and in doing so reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the community.


Garbage Bin Rentals

With our same day garbage bin rentals guarantee, you can have bins delivered in the afternoon for orders called in before 10am. We pride ourselves on customer service and delivery standards that includes two hour time windows for garbage bin delivery and bin pick up completed just as fast as drop offs bins. We take garbage services seriously and if you have been disappointed by another garbage dumpster rental company in the past, then we encourage you to try Fleetwood Waste and see the difference that 39 years in waste disposal has helped us create.


Waste Disposal Company

In Greater Vancouver, our waste disposal company has been operating since 1972. Use our 39 years of waste removal and recycling in your home or business to cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. That’s right our disposal service finds innovative partners who separate garbage from source materials like wood, metal and plastics. Once separate, the parts can be recycled or repurposed into new products. An old fence makes a great wood chips for the landfills to mix with mud and sediment to make roads safer for the waste haulers who dispose their waste at that location.


Waste Management Vancouver

In Metro Vancouver there are plenty of waste management companies. Fleetwood Waste has been serving West Vancouver and the Northshore since 1972. With cost effective waste removal services and the expertise that 39 years in the business will bring, our waste management team is ready to help your commercial waste or residential waste solution. We partner with local waste recycling facilities who take your trash from our bins and recycle or re purpose the materials. This is not only good for the environment, but often good for your budget as well. Call Fleetwood Waste today for bins.


Garbage Bins For Rent

If you are looking for garbage bins for your home or business then we can help. Our affordable garbage services come with a same day bin delivery guarantee. If you call before 10am, we drop off bins later that afternoon. Its so convenient, just call us and together we can find a size of dumpster that works for your trash. If you need one-time service, multiple deliveries or even regularly scheduled commercial garbage bins, we can handle it all. We have 100 containers and surely have the one that’s perfect for your next project. Call Fleetwood Waste today and get garbage services from a team that puts customer service and satisfaction ahead of profits.


Disposal Bins Service

Did you know that we offer same day delivery on our disposal bins service? We have an inventory of bins and roll-off trucks ranging in size from ten cubic yards to forty cubic yards. If you have a soil or concrete disposal project, then we use 10 yard disposal bins. We can recycle the waste materials too. If your renovating your basement then our residential disposal bin is 20 cubic yards. Just enough to fit the clutter and debris. Or if your project is larger like an estate clean up or new home construction, then our 30 yard and 40 yard disposal bins are sure to please. Whatever your needs, we have dumpsters for rent to fit your budget.


Roll Off Bins

Did you know that our bin trucks use a special roll off system that connects to your bin and then uses hydraulics to lift it onto the truck and slide it back into a safe position for travel? Our roll-off bins come delivered by professional drivers with special training to provide expert placement of your garbage bin in your driveway, lane or back yard. We can even roll off containers into carports sometimes. If you need garbage bin rentals for your home or business, then we can offer you 39 years of experience servicing Greater Vancouver and a promise that our rolloff bins won’t damage your property.

Garbage Disposal Company

At Fleetwood Waste, we are not shy about letting you know that we have been in business as a garbage disposal company since 1972. We offer 39 years of experience in the waste removal industry and have thousands of happy customers in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. If you are looking for a garbage bin rental quote or a waste management services second opinion, then our waste specialists are here to help. Simply call us at (604) 294-1393 and ask to speak to our disposal team, we have helped homeowners and businesses in North Vancouver and area for many years.


Disposal Bin Rental

In South Vancouver, we offer a service very much like a 1-800 Disposal Bin Rental company, except that we have better pricing and still care about your business. When you choose Fleetwood Waste as your disposal bins provider, you are choosing ethical disposal practices including recycling whenever possible and using only approved waste disposal facilities near East Vancouver and Surrounding areas. We also innovate and find partners who recycle bins and bins worth of waste instead of disposing it at the landfill. Call 604-294-1393 today and get your rentals from us and know that your carbon footprint is being minimized.


Waste Bin Rentals

In 1972, our waste bin rentals become available to the Greater Vancouver region. We delivered a level of customer service with a smile that was never seen in the garbage industry. From humble beginnings with one truck and a few bins, we have grown our waste bin rentals company to three trucks and nearly 100 bins for rent. We have happy customers all throughout Vancouver including roofing contractors and property managers as well as construction companies and homeowners. Give us call at 604-294-1393 and let our professional waste bin rentals service show you what you have been missing.

How To Dispose Of Your Waste



Some waste is easy for you to dispose of in your trash can or by recycling. Most people have a pretty good idea how to get rid of kitchen products, paper and common household garbage. What’s best is that more people are recycling every year, so there will be less and less waste going into our landfill. However, some items are harder of which to dispose. In fact, some items are actually “banned” from standard waste disposal. So, what do you do when you’re faced with an unfamiliar item? We’ve put together a short guide that can help you with some of these items.

Batteries – Today, many batteries can be recycled. Standard household batteries can be recycled at the landfill. Most lead or acid car batteries can be taken too. However, you may want to check with your mechanic on those—sometimes when you have your battery replaced you can turn your old one in for a reduction in service cost.

Cardboard and Boxes – Sure, you could throw these items away—but why? Recycling these at the landfill keeps them from becoming a burden on the ecosystem and they can be remade into pulp that is used for new boxes or other similar products.

Scrap Metal – Scrap metal is a big item for recycling. There is no need to toss these out when they can be melted down and reused.

Styrofoam – There are two different grades of Styrofoam. Foam cushion and food packaging can be recycled. Packing peanuts and blue or pink insulation board cannot. These items must be responsibly disposed of in with regular garbage.

Mattresses and box springs – Mattresses and related products are accepted at the landfill. However, they are not accepted at the standard recycling station, and there is a fee associated with disposing of this product. Due to the size and bulkiness, this is still the best choice.

Yard and Lawn Trimmings – Believe it or not, these items must be disposed of carefully. They can become a burden on the ecosystem when dumped into rivers or creeks. The landfill will take them for a nominal fee.

Broken Florescent Light Bulbs – These cannot be disposed of at the landfill. However, there is a Vancouver-based company called LightRecycle that will accept these and make sure they are carefully processed.

Paint and Empty Cans – These must not be thrown away by ordinary means. You’ll often find paint disposal drives in spring and summer. This is a good time to clean out your old product and safely dispose of this item.

Prescription Drugs – If you have unused prescription drugs, take them to your pharmacy for disposal.

While the above information can help you with waste disposal when it comes to some items, you may still have other questions. That’s fine! Feel free to reach out to us at Fleetwood Waste Systems. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you make smart decisions when it comes to waste disposal in or around Vancouver.


How Recycling Works


There seems to be an abundance of garbage and waste in the world today. While it is possible to reduce some of the consumption, for most people there are items that we use on a daily basis that wind up in the landfill. However, many of these products do not have to end up there. It is possible to recycle many products and reuse the base materials. We’ve put together a simple guide explaining the basics of recycling so that you will understand how the process works.

Paper Recycling – Recycling paper is vital since it can protect trees from being cut down faster than they are replenished. The paper must be sorted; then it is turned into a “paper soup.” Ink, glue, staples and other impurities are filtered out, and the resulting pulp can be bleached and reused. Sometimes the recycled pulp is strengthened with the addition of new pulp.

Glass Recycling – Glass is often disinfected and reused “as is,” but it can be recycled too. When glass is recycled, it costs less energy and money for the organization that uses it. To recycle it, first it must be sorted by color, then the company grinds it, sifts out impurities using lasers and magnets and then the glass is melted down and reformed into new glass items.

Plastic Recycling – Many plastics are not biodegradable, so recycling them to keep them out of the landfill is crucial. Plastic items should be sorted by type. Then, the resulting plastic can be melted down into pellets or turned into fiber. Many recycled plastics are used in construction products and in the clothing industry.

Other Recycling – Obviously, many other products can be recycled too (including all types of metal – each which is recovered using a slightly different method.) Once you get started recycling, you may find that it’s a bit “addictive.” You may be eager to recycle as many different products as possible. Your waste removal company is usually an excellent resource to help you with the sorting and recycling process. Another thing to remember is that reusing products is always a smart idea too–as this also keeps products out of the landfill.

Now that you understand how recycling works, perhaps you will be more inclined to give it a shot. The benefits can be incredible. Not only are you helping to keep products out of the landfill, but you will also use fewer new resources, prevent pollution and may even save money and energy. Reach out to Fleetwood Waste Systems in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland or your local waste management company to learn more about how you can begin or expand a recycling program for your home or business.

Home Renovating Tips – Dealing with the Waste


Home-Renovating-Tips - Dealing with the Waste

Renovating your home can be a big task—but it is a task worth doing. You will be able to enjoy the renovations now, and it will add value to your home when you get ready to sell it. However, one thing that you will need to be aware of when completing any renovation job is that it will generate waste. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can efficiently dispose of your renovation waste to prevent it from becoming a problem. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you with waste removal.

Repurpose – Repurposing old materials into something brand new is not only an eco-friendly way to rid yourself of a waste problem, but it is also very trendy. Spend some time browsing Pinterest and you are sure to find some great ideas for reusing those old materials—there may be more options available than you thought.

Donate – For the items you cannot use yourself, but are still in good shape, consider donating them to a worthy charity. One, in particular, you may wish to consider is Habitat for Humanity; however, many other organizations can also use household items like cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

The Dump Isn’t All Bad – Taking things to the dump is not as difficult or as bad as you may think it is. In many areas, the dump offers you the chance to recycle items that would qualify. For those items that are not recyclable, you will usually have to sort the material and leave it in a marked bin or area.

Contact Your Waste Removal Service – Your regular waste removal service may collect certain items in the weekly trash pickup. However, it is important that you talk to a representative before you fill your can—just in case you are trying to dispose of items that require special handling.

Rent a Roll-Off or BinYour local waste removal company likely offers bin rental. If you are completing a larger renovation project, this can be an easy way to deal with the unusable waste that is left behind. Check out the different sizes and styles available to discover what would be best for your task.

Hire a Professional – If all else fails, let someone else take care of the waste for you. Many companies specialize in waste removal. Get in touch with a local firm and find out what services are available. In some cases, this may be more affordable than you think.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to disposing of renovation waste. If you are located in Vancouver, Surrey, Port Moody, Richmond or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to the team at Fleetwood Waste. We would love to help you tackle this big renovation project or with any other waste removal needs you may have. Contact us by phone at 604.294.1393 or visit our website to request a quote today. We look forward to working with you.

3 Creative Ways Of Recycling


Today, more than ever before, recycling is important. After all, it is vital that we protect our natural resources and keep as many products out of the landfill as possible. While almost everyone knows how to recycle in the traditional method (by taking products to a recycling center or utilizing a recycling bin through a local waste company), these aren’t the only ways to recycle. Here at Fleetwood Waste we have put together three unique ways that you can recycle. These three methods are simple enough that you can use them to keep objects out of the landfill and ideally give them new life.

Gardening – There are many excellent ways to use items that are seemingly destined for the trash in your gardening. Tin cans, especially larger cans such as those for coffee, are ideal for planting. If you have an indoor herb garden, for instance, you may prefer smaller cans. You can cut the bottom off plastic laundry soap bottles to use for drip trays on the bottom of your planters. Old popsicle sticks can be used to label different plants. Use an old soda bottle with a hole poked in the lid instead of purchasing a watering can. The options are endless, and you can always get crafty to make your items attractive as well as functional.

DecoratingPinterest is filled with great ideas on how you can make old items brand new again. Old pallets make an excellent canvas for artwork. Punch designs in a tin can for a one-of-a-kind candle holder. Instead of throwing away your old bed pillows, sew an old shirt into a slipcover and create a throw pillow that allows you to express your personality. Before you toss that item in the trash, think about how it could be repurposed or recycled into something that will put a smile on your face. This type of recycling doesn’t even feel like you are doing anything difficult; you’re just helping your home look its best.

Pet Care – Another excellent way to recycle is when you are caring for your four-legged companion. There are many ways to reuse everyday items for your cat or dog. Old blankets or pillows are easy to wash and repurpose into a comfortable sleeping surface. Cut an old carpet scrap and reinforce the edges for a spill-proof mat for feeding and watering. Finally, for storing that food, consider utilizing those giant buckets that are used for storing oil and other products.
As you can see, there are many excellent ways that you can recycle common household products. Before you throw anything away, think about the potential uses for it. That is step one towards being a more ecologically responsible individual.

Website Updated!

We are happy to announce that we have updated our website with a couple of new features. We have added a new blog component to our website which will allow us to keep you, our clients, up to date on waste management and disposal bin industry news. The waste business is always changing and evolving with new regulations and want to make sure our customers are in the fold.

We’ve also made our site mobile friendly! It just needs to be done now a days as everyone is on their mobile devices. You can use our disposal bin website on any mobile device with ease allowing you to find the right disposal bin for your project.

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