What things are not permitted in a disposal bin rental?

There are numerous situations where renting a bin may be beneficial, from building sites and huge projects to spring cleaning and household renovations. Even while it might be simpler to just throw everything in a bin, some goods are prohibited by law. Understanding what cannot be put in a disposal bin rental is essential for guaranteeing compliance with all applicable laws and preventing fines. The staff at Fleetwood Waste is a leading supplier of disposal bin rentals for various needs and is aware of the value of proper garbage disposal. Because of this, our staff has compiled a list of typical objects that ought to be kept out of bins and properly disposed of.

3 items you should never include when renting a bin

1. Automobile Fluids

The majority of fluids are not allowed in disposal bin rentals, but automotive fluids are particularly risky. Items that cannot be disposed of in a bin include engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, coolant, and washer fluid. The likelihood of these liquids leaking into soil or water supplies and contaminating them increases if they are put in a bin. Some of these liquids have the potential to catch fire, endangering everything in the bin. Each of these fluids needs to be properly disposed of at a recycling center that has been designated.

2. Pollution Chemical Products

Chemical items of all kinds, such as insecticides and abrasive cleaning agents, should never be disposed of in rented bins. These products have the potential to blow up or seep out of the bin and contaminate the soil around. To prevent them from harming the environment, paint, solvents, bleach-based cleaning products, insecticides, and any other chemical agents must be disposed of correctly.

3. Electronic waste (E-WASTE)

In the majority of nations throughout the world, electronic devices such as televisions, computers, phones, game consoles, appliances, etc. are not permitted in disposal bin rentals. Each of these things is non-biodegradable and might include dangerous components that eventually release hazardous fumes. Electronic waste that is disposed of in landfills frequently stays there for decades, using valuable space and polluting the environment. This is particularly true for equipment that uses large batteries because these frequently contain mercury that might leach into the soil. Don’t forget to recycle any electronics at the specified sites.

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