5 Things to Think About Before Renting a Dumpster

Before making a decision, consumers should think about some factors when it comes to waste bin rentals in Vancouver. Even though they are incredibly helpful, garbage bins might be a safety hazard. If the right measures are not followed, accidents might happen, and if you are not vigilant, you might have to deal with unanticipated costs.

There may be issues with the garbage bin’s delivery and pickup if you don’t give or get the required and appropriate information. Some of the factors that you should consider before renting a dumpster for your home-based project are:

  • Where to place it?

The location to where place the dumpster is the most important thing to consider. To explain with an example, consider obstacles that can make it difficult for the rental company to deliver or pick up their dumpsters, such as overhanging cables and other fortifications. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should leave at least 20 feet of open space above the rental container.

You won’t likely have to worry about additional fees resulting from an overly difficult delivery and pickup if you do this. Try to choose a location where home and debris access won’t be affected because you don’t want the dumpster to be an eyesore or to make it difficult or impossible for you to access your home and the debris you need to get rid of.

The rental car driver must have enough room to conduct a safe and proper 3-point turn while delivering and picking up the dumpster, and the same is true for the pickup of the dumpster.

  • Placing the Dumpster on the Street

It is strongly advised that people who choose to place the rental dumpster on the street make advance contact with the appropriate authorities. Contacting authorities before calling the rental bin provider may help you avoid fines since you might need to have a permit in some situations to place the dumpster on your street.

  • Which Size to Select

Before you rent a dumpster, selecting the right size is an important aspect to consider. To explain it with an example, if you choose a bin that is too small, you might either need to send the bin back or rent a second bin, which would delay the completion of your project and increase your costs.

Furthermore, the size that you need will depend on the kind of waste you need to dispose of. The weight of the bin will increase when rock sediments, cement, mud, bricks, and concrete are dumped and the majority of bins will quickly fill up with stuff like drywall, scrap wood, and even carpeting items. Therefore, considering both, weight and size matter before renting a dumpster.

  • Get an estimate

You should be aware of the exact and reasonable estimate for renting from the company before renting a dumpster. Before renting a dumpster, you should know the precise and fair estimate of renting from the company. Remember to inquire about the size they think will be best for the type of debris you will be disposing of, the weight included in the price, the items that cannot be disposed into the garbage bins, and the anticipated time to complete the operation, as these factors can alter the final price.

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