LEED Construction Waste Management

CaGBC Member

We here at Fleetwood Waste Systems help companies achieve their CaGBC LEED certification and plaque through the storage and collection of recyclables (a requirement) and construction waste management (worth 2 points).

We offer a complete range of waste and recycling bins for aggregates of all kinds and consult with businesses to create sensible waste management and diversion plans.

We serve most of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and offer:

  • Waste management planning and consulting
  • Affordably priced roll-off bin rental services
  • Waste pickup and delivery to recycling facilities
  • Free waste & recycling reports used for LEED Construction Waste Management requirement

We accept just about all forms of construction waste and help recycle them by delivering loads to the nearest appropriate recycling centers. All of our recycling partners can provide you with a comprehensive report breaking down the percentage of waste you recycled.
Not only is recycling your waste cheaper than dumping it, but it will also give you two points towards your LEED certification.

LEED Waste Management Planning

Not every company is an expert at waste management. If you are struggling to establish a waste management plan and figure out which types of waste you have or what size bins you need, give us a call.

As experts in waste management and diversion, we have helped many companies achieve their LEED certification and plaque. Founded in 1971, our company has grown from a humble waste disposal service to one of the most well-respected regionally serving waste management companies. We have and continue to play a crucial role in helping Vancouver builders stay green and can certainly help you do the same.

LEED Recycling Documentation

Getting the documentation you need to earn 2 points in the category of Construction Waste Management has never been easier. When you order your bin rentals from us, simply let us know that you need your waste & recycling analysis for your LEED certification.

When we deliver your waste to the appropriate facilities, we will make sure to collect all the documentation you need. All of our partners offer 100% accurate documentation designed specifically to help stakeholders understand how efficient your recycling processes are.

Our LEED recycling reports outline each material, the volume recycled and where it went. Reports can be generated for each job site on its own or for multiple sites throughout your entire organization.

Are you ready to achieve your LEED certification?

Give us a call. We can help you to establish a suitable construction waste management and diversion plan, and execute it accordingly, earning you two credits towards your LEED certification.