Industrial / Manufacturing Waste Services

For your Metro Vancouver factory or warehouse, Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. has the industrial waste-management and manufacturing-recycling services to accommodate all your factory-waste and industrial projects.

We have a wide variety of services including industrial bin rentals, waste-disposal operations for manufacturing companies, industrial-recycling consulting services and bulk-waste consulting services. Now, your Vancouver-area manufacturing plant or industrial job site can focus on getting the job done, while Fleetwood Waste Services in Vancouver can focus on providing you with the tools, waste bins and waste-disposal services for manufacturing debris and industrial waste.

[#] Industrial-Bin Rentals

We offer waste-removal industrial-sized bins to suit your factory or warehouse needs or industrial projects, whether you are putting in a new roof, working on a new road or ripping down an existing structure where large amounts of building debris, wood waste, metal waste or industrial-recycling debris pile up.

Have a central and sizable rental waste bin for your construction or industrial project in Metro Vancouver convenient for waste removal.

Our bins range in size from eight cubic yards to 40 cubic yards so you always have the correct bin size for any industrial project, manufacturing plant or large-scale construction job. We deliver, pick-up and drop off all industrial waste bins and manufacturing waste bins at your location or whatever job site or factory suits your needs, at no extra cost to you.

We work with you to schedule delivery and pick-up times and logistics, and we will accommodate any of your special requests.

[#] Industrial-Waste Disposal

The waste-disposal experts at Fleetwood Waste Systems are trained to deal with large-scale and industrial waste removal and garbage removal from any company or job site.

We will ensure the efficient drop-off, pickup and installation of factory-waste bins and manufacturing-waste bins of any size, consult you on disposal logistics and options tailored to your unique bulk-waste requirements and help ensure the application of proper and safe industrial-waste techniques for your factory, warehouse or industrial job site in Metro Vancouver.

[#] Industrial Recycling

Our specially-marked bins for cardboard and other recyclable material generated by industrial companies, manufacturing factories or construction or demolition job sites make it easier for you to sort through your waste and avoid cross-contaminating recyclable material with industrial waste.

At Fleetwood Waste Systems, we know how important an environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious job site or manufacturing plant is to Lower Mainland companies.

We work with your industrial company to figure out what kinds of waste-disposal and manufacturing-debris bins you require relative to the kinds of waste you produce and the sorting or disposal systems you have, and we deliver all specially marked bins to the correct facilities to be processed and the waste to the landfill, preventing recyclables from being unnecessarily and unsafely discarded.

[#] Industrial Waste Consulting

Our team of waste-management professionals offer you industrial-waste audits and manufacturing-waste audits, waste-diversion plans and recycling plans for manufacturing job sites in Metro vancouver and will monitor your factory waste, industrial waste and recycling materials to ensure that their removal and disposal comply with municipal and provincial regulations.

Examples of Industrial Waste-Disposal Projects –