Industrial Waste Disposal Services

If you’ve got a factory or warehouse located in the Metro Vancouver area, Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. is the perfect choice for your industrial and manufacturing waste disposal needs.

Our services include industrial bin rentals, waste disposal services for factories and manufacturing companies, and bulk waste consulting services. With these services in place, your Vancouver-based manufacturing companies or industrial sites can focus on the job at hand without worrying about hauling heavy loads to dumps and recycling facilities all the time.

Here at Fleetwood Waste Services, we take care of providing a variety of industrial bins and complete waste disposal services for all your industrial and manufacturing garbage.

  • We rent out industry-sized bins that can contain all your waste products
  • We offer you a waste disposal service that empties all your waste according to a prearranged schedule.

We serve businesses throughout BC’s Lower Mainland including:

Industrial Bin Rentals

Factories and manufacturing companies inevitably buildup tons of debris, wood waste, metal waste, and other varieties of industrial waste that can’t fit into standard green and blue bins. This is where we come. We provide industrial-sized waste removal bins designed to fit the specific needs of companies.

These industry-sized bins, in turn, provide a means of convenient waste disposal for companies of all sizes. Our industrial roll-off bins can hold up to 40 cubic yards of waste. They come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that your business can place them per your needs.

With the right bin in place, you can focus on clearing your site, leaving the pickup and delivery to us.

Industrial Waste Disposal & Recycling

At Fleetwood Waste Systems, all our waste disposal staff are specially trained to ensure that they efficiently deal with any form of large-scale industrial or manufacturing waste disposal, irrespective of the job site or the company in question. You can also rest assured that proper and safe waste disposal techniques will be used for all your industrial wastes.

While there are some materials that we cannot accept, such as hazardous waste, industrial businesses of all sizes come to rely on our waste disposal services for most of their needs.

We will ensure you receive timely and professional services, including drop-off, pick up, and waste transportation to recycling facilities.

We accept most types of business garbage and debris, including:

  • Manufacturing waste
  • Road work and city work debris
  • Demolition project debris
  • Retail, Offices, and commercial waste
  • Large-scale construction debris

Industrial Waste Consulting

Consultancy services are also available on the disposal logistics and other options that can ensure that your bins are tailored to your requirements. Our expert waste management team can help you with your waste diversion plans, manufacturing waste audits, and all the industrial waste audits for your factories and job sites that are based in Vancouver. We can also offer our aid in ensuring that your industrial and factory wastes are removed and disposed of according to the municipal and provincial regulations.

Why Fleetwood Waste

Barring the fact that we have been around since 1971, our affordable rates, excellent services, and environmentally friendly service delivery are also well known among those that live in the Vancouver area.

  • Our competitive prices come with no hidden fees attached.
  • Our retail waste disposal services always adhere to a same-day and on-time delivery schedule.
  • Your waste deliveries are sent to the nearest transfer facility.
  • We are knowledgeable in what we do, and our services are reliable.

Please be advised that Fleetwood Waste Systems is not a replacement for municipal green or blue bin services. Our specialty is in hiring out industrial dumpster bins for businesses and helping them recycle their waste. If you require an industrial bin and a team that can empty these bins when they fill up, then our experts are at your service.