Commercial Waste Services

For your office, company or commercial worksite in Metro Vancouver, Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. provides the waste-management and commercial-recycling services to accommodate all your commercial waste-disposal and garbage-removal projects.

We offer the best waste-removal services and commercial-recycling items for companies, private businesses and construction worksites anywhere in the Lower Mainland, including garbage-disposal dumpster-bin rentals, waste-disposal assistance, bulk-recycling consulting and commercial waste-removal consulting.

[#] Bin Rentals

We have waste-removal bins to suit commercial-work projects and businesses needs of all sizes, with bins ranging in size from eight cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Our team of experienced waste-management professionals will deliver each bin to your worksite or office at the correct time and will promptly remove each filled bin at your convenience.

Our waste-recycling bins are ideal for removing bulk-junk items, large-scale amounts of garbage, waste items and recyclables from an office or company during a commercial or interior renovation project, corporate and company special events or from construction or renovation worksites. Our waste-removal staff members consult with you on drop-off and pick-up times, and we take care of any issue regarding the delivery and removal of your commercial dumpster rental bin.

[#] Waste Disposal

Our waste-disposal services save your company and your employees time and stress and help protect your bottom line. Because you only pay for the truck capacity needed to transport your waste-removal rental bins, you save time and money by not having to drop-off and pick-up bins on your own time.

A member of our highly trained waste-management team is always on hand to give you a free assessment on your waste-disposal needs, provide you a firm quote and inform you when bin(s) will be available.

We take care of the bins and the waste, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

[#] Recycling

We provide your Metro Vancouver business or worksite with specialized recycling rental bins for recyclable material so that less cardboard and other recyclable items end up in landfills.

Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd. delivers, picks-up and drops-off these custom recycling rental bins at the correct recycling facilities so that each recyclable material is processed properly and prevented from entering the landfill. We ensure that your company can contribute to an environmentally friendly waste-removal process during your construction, renovation, moving or special-event project.

[#] Waste Consulting

We commit to helping your business reduce its waste-disposal and recycling costs; that’s why we offer more than just a free assessment.

Our team of waste-removal experts will work with your company to develop a waste-diversion and recycling plan to suit your needs as well as waste audits, waste-reduction and cost-reduction initiatives.

We also analyze the waste and monitor your waste-disposal processes to ensure that they comply to waste, recycling and waste-removal regulatory standards from corporate and company compliance.

Examples of Commercial Projects –