5 Roll-Off Dumpster Safety Tips

Safety while working with roll-off bins may seem reasonably straightforward since all you need to do collect, toss, and repeat. However, there have been cases where people sustain injuries by accident. Recklessness around roll-off bins can prove dangerous, but not for the reasons you may think.

Therefore, we strongly recommended that everyone follow some basic safety protocols working with and around roll-off bin rentals. Adhering to just a few safety tips can go a long way to protect everyone involved.

Here are several helpful safety tips you should observe when working with the roll-off bins.

1) Make Sure You Wear Safety Gear

It is highly recommended and, in the case of many workplaces, required that you wear the proper safety gear every time you dispose of anything in a roll-off bin. Even if you are convinced that what you are tossing into the bin poses little to no risk and has no chance of shattering or ricocheting back at you, it is a best practice to protect your face, feet, and hands with the appropriate safety gear.

If you are tossing heavy objects into the dumpster, make sure to get help and wear steel-toed boots. You never know when something heavy might fall on your feet. While the side doors on roll-off bins make it easy to load objects, it is still possible to get injured in the process.

2) Wear Comfortable Yet Durable Clothing

This tip is especially important if you are loading the roll-off bin by hand. Not only will you want to ensure your clothes are comfortable and breathable, so you don’t get exhausted while working, but you will also want to make sure they won’t get damaged while you load the bin.

Furthermore, roll-off bins are frequently placed in back alleys and throughout construction sites where you may encounter sharp objects such as wood splinters, nails, and broken glass. Tough and durable clothing can go a long way to protect you and ensure your clothing lives to see another day.

3) Ensure You Fill the Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Evenly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is vitally important you fill the dumpster bin evenly. Doing so is critical when you are loading the dumpster bin by hand and walking around inside. The last thing you want is to have something heavy fall on you.

Loading your roll-off bin will not only keep you and your team safe but will also ensure your rental can be picked up without delay, concern, or unexpected fees. After all, roll-off bins legally must be loaded evenly to be transported between locations. If your driver has concerns, they will ask you to fix it before they pick it up.

4) Never Attempt to Move Your Roll-Off Bin on Your Own

Most people do not have the equipment to move a roll-off bin on their own. Subsequently, this tip does not apply to them. In the case that you do, though, you must understand that you should ever move the bin on your own. It is not just for the sake of liability, but safety.

Roll-off bins can weigh tons – in the most literal sense possible. Attempting to move a roll-off bin on your own puts you and those around you at risk. If you need to move your disposal bin, call your dumpster service provider to move it for you.

5) Know Which Materials Are Prohibited

Finally, it is vitally important you know which items you are prohibited from placing inside the roll-off bin. This is less important for your safety and is more important for those handling your waste in the recycling facility. The last thing they need is to deal with is unexpected hazardous waste putting their employees at risk.

Knowing which materials are prohibited helps keep everyone safe, benefits the environment, and saves you the trouble of incurring unnecessary fines and extra charges.

All in all, these five tips are easy to follow and can significantly decrease your chances of personal injury while working with a dumpster bin.

If you think we missed any tips, let us know.

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