Reasons To Choose A Smaller Dumpster

There are many things to think about before renting a dumpster. Which rental agency should you use? What time frame do you need the dumpster? What kind of trash may you put in the dumpster? But the question of “Which size of dumpster do we require?” may be the most crucial one to think about during the renting process. Let’s discuss the advantages of renting a smaller dumpster in this most recent post.

Driveway placement

Renting a smaller dumpster has the obvious advantage of being able to simply set it in the driveway. It may be challenging to put a dumpster there without risking denting your cars if you have several vehicles parked outside your house. An easier fit is definite with a smaller dumpster.


Additionally, renting a smaller trash container is more economical. In other situations, homeowners overpay for larger bins by hundreds of dollars when a smaller one might be better.

Even small dumpsters can accommodate most garbage

Many homeowners assume that they require large dumpsters because only the bigger container would be able to hold their large waste. Fortunately, most smaller dumpsters can handle even the biggest house-cleaning project. Small dumpsters can accommodate all the rubbish from significant cleaning projects because they are made to match the needs of the modern home.

Pickups and drop-offs are simple with smaller dumpsters

A smaller size will simplify the dumpster drop-off process for the rental company as well as for you. In terms of pickup, this is accurate too. There is a lower chance of needing to move vehicles to make room for the dumpster pickup and drop-off process. Therefore, it will benefit you and is easy for the company staff too.

To meet all project requirements, Fleetwood Waste System Ltd provides a variety of sizes. Give us a call right away to learn more about your dumpster bin rental options!

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