Five Things to Think About Before Renting a Dumpster

When it comes to renting a dumpster, customers should consider a few things before making a choice. Garbage containers could be a safety risk despite how beneficial they are. Accidents could occur if the proper precautions are not taken, and if you are not attentive, you can have to cope with unexpected charges.

Before renting a dumpster to rent for any project, take a few things into your consideration:


Where should a dumpster bin be placed?

The most crucial factor to think about is where to place the dumpster. As an illustration, think about obstacles like overhanging wires and other fortifications that might make it challenging for the rental company to deliver or pick up dumpsters. Therefore, you should provide at least 20-feet of clear space above the rental container to be on the safe side. Apart from this, if you don’t want the dumpster to be an eyesore, or you don’t want a distance between the dumpster and the trash location, then try to choose an area where it is easy to access both places. Also, when delivering and picking up the dumpster, the driver of the rental car must have adequate space to make a safe and proper 3-point turn.

Placing the dumpster on the street

People who decide to set up their rental dumpster on the street are highly urged to get in touch with the relevant authorities in advance. Before calling a rental bin company, get in touch with the appropriate authorities, as you might need permission in some cases regarding placing the dumpster on your street. This will help you avoid paying fines.

What size to choose?

Choosing the appropriate size is a crucial decision to make when renting a dumpster. If you select a bin that is too small, for instance, you would have to return it or hire another bin, which might cause a delay in the project’s completion and also increase your costs.

Additionally, the size you require will depend on the type of waste you need to get rid of. Rock sediments, cement, mud, bricks, and concrete will make the bin heavier when they are disposed of, and the majority of bins will soon fill up with materials like drywall, scrap wood, and even carpeting things. Therefore, before renting a dumpster, it is important to take both weight and size into account.

Get an estimate

Before renting a dumpster, it is always advisable to get an estimate of a dumpster or service you want. Remember to ask about the materials that cannot be disposed of in the bin, the weight included in the price, the estimated time to complete the task, and the size they believe would be ideal for the type of debris you will be disposing of, as these factors can affect the final price.

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