Why People Rent Dumpsters in Winter

At Fleetwood Waste Systems, we work with clients year-round to provide the best dumpster rentals in Metro Vancouver. While it isn’t always easy during winter, our team makes renting a dumpster and disposing lots of waste as affordable and easy as possible.

As a small family-owned company, we understand that projects continue into the winter. With over 100 bins in our inventory, highly affordable rates, flexible rental periods, and same day dumpster delivery, our waste management team ensures we can continue to operate seamlessly even if the weather gets bad.
While construction projects tend to slow down in the winter, cleaning and renovation projects pick up quite a bit. Here are some of the more common reasons people rent dumpsters during the winter.

People Rent Dumpsters for Winter Cleaning

For some, winter is a time to hunker down and cozy up at home. For others, it’s the ideal time to clean up and re-envision their home. If this sounds like you, a dumpster rental might come in handy, allowing you to focus on weeding out all the junk. Getting rid of the old and making way for the new.

Are you worried about your trash going to a landfill? Fret not. As an environmentally friendly waste disposal company, we deliver all waste to a nearby recycling facility to be sorted for recycling.

People Use Dumpsters for Yard Waste and Fallen Tree Removal

While the weather is nowhere near as bad here in Metro Vancouver as it is in BC’s interior and northern communities, winter frequently wreaks havoc on yards and old sheds. Branches break and fall under snow buildup, and old trees collapse. With compost bins overflowing from the summer’s mowing’s, leaves and brush are often left in piles in the corners of most yards.

Lots of people enjoy doing their own yard work, clearing out all the aforementioned green waste themselves. The only problem they run into is finding a way to recycle it. Dumpster rental companies like ours exist for just such a case, providing dumpsters and waste delivery of green waste and yard debris to recycling facilities.

People Need Dumpster for Renovations

Whether it’s out of necessity from a busted water pipe or because people are tired of being cooped up in the same living conditions for long periods, winter is a popular time for renovations. And where renovations happen, there is inevitably lots of garbage and debris.

No matter what your story is, Fleetwood Waste has you covered. We offer professional, low-priced roll-off bin rentals and waste delivery services. When you rent a bin from Fleetwood Waste, you get help selecting a size that best suits your project with reliable service regardless of the weather.

Ready to get in touch? Give us a call or request a quote online to get assistance from a waste management expert.

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