Errors to Avoid Common Bin Rental Mistakes

Any construction activity, including garage cleaning, house renovations, and demolitions, must use disposal bin rental services. You may streamline your waste management procedure and save time and money by renting a bin because you won’t need to make several visits to the landfill.

However, there are a few typical errors involved with renting a dumpster that might lessen the value of having a bin on-site.

Here are some of the errors to avoid common bin rental mistakes:

Lack of Space

One of the most common mistakes when renting a dumpster bin is not providing enough space to locate it. For instance, when dumpster bins are rented for home renovation projects, the driveways are often the best locations to be placed. But one has to make sure about enough space to place the bin. If it is placed on the street or the sidewalk, you require a permit for the same, which can sometimes delay your project.

Large construction projects are more likely to have ineffective waste management methods if the bin is placed far away.  It should be put in a convenient area so that moving trash to the waste bin takes less time and effort.

Enough space should be available close to the construction site to accommodate the bin to maximize project efficiency and reduce time.

Restricted material

Another common mistake is disposing of the restricted or hazardous materials in the rented bin. There are many items that are restricted as they may pose a safety risk or be toxic which could harm the container and the employees.

Every company has a list of things that shouldn’t be disposed of in a rented bin; as a result, one should look over it or ask the company for the same.


Overloading can be dangerous for everyone if you underestimate the size of the bin you require for a job. For instance, if it is positioned outside a house, it may harm the driveway and make it challenging to pick up the bin and remove it from the location.

Book your bin!

Depending on your demands, Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd offers a wide range of bin sizes, ranging from 8 to 40-yards. However, each job is different, therefore it’s crucial to complete your research before choosing a bin.

Fleetwood Waste Systems Ltd’s skilled staff provides delivery and removal services and working with each client personally to choose the proper bin for their project. We are delighted to assist you in ensuring the success of your upcoming project by providing free assessments and quotations.


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