Renting A Dumpster in British Columbia

Dumpster bin rentals are one of the best ways to manage all the waste and debris generated throughout projects that require cleanup. Roll-off bins, which are much larger than green and blue bins, make it easy for anyone to clear away and relieve sites of materials such as piles of garbage, rubble, rusty metal, nails, shingles, and other construction debris.
Renting such a bin in BC is a reasonably straightforward process.

  1. Estimate the type and amount of waste you need to dispose of.
  2. Determine if you have any restricted or prohibited materials.
  3. Request a quote from one or more waste disposal companies.
  4. Once your bin is delivered, fill it, and schedule it for pickup.

It’s that easy. Let’s look at each step in greater detail for added clarity.

1) Estimate the Type and Amount of Waste You Need To Dispose Of

Whether it’s a residential cleaning project or a construction and demolition site you need a dumpster for, you’re going to want to estimate how much waste you have.

For example: If you were carrying out a roofing renovation, you should have a general idea of the number of square shingles you need to dispose of. The number of shingles can be used to indicate which dumpster size you need.

This way, you don’t underestimate your requirements. Ordering a bin that’s too small and filling it multiple times is far more expensive than ordering a large bin and filling it halfway.
For this reason, you should take the time to estimate the amount of material you wish to dispose of. If you aren’t sure, ask your dumpster bin rental company which size dumpster they recommend based upon your project’s nature and size. We can’t speak for other companies in our industry, but having been around since 1971, we’ve seen just about every kind of project there is, so we have a pretty good idea of what size bin most projects need.

2) Determine If You Have Any Restricted or Prohibited Materials

Waste disposal companies accept most waste generated from construction, demolition and renovation sites. They even take most waste from garbage, furniture, and appliances from residential and storage clear outs. While the list is relatively short, some materials are restricted, and others are outright prohibited. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not dispose of any of these materials without the proper paperwork or safety procedures.

For example, while drywall is accepted, older drywall may contain asbestos and require special handling. Therefore, drywall, in some cases, is considered a restricted material. Here at Fleetwood Waste, we provide our clients with a list of all the restricted and prohibited materials we know of. The list is by no means exhaustive, so you should always double-check if you have any waste outside the norm.

3) Request a Quote from One or More Waste Disposal Companies

Dumpster rental companies all price their services differently. If you are a value shopper, you may want to get quotes from several companies before making your final decision. Just make sure you compare the quotes along with the services included.

We strive to provide the most affordable dumpster rentals without cheapening our services, surprising our clients with extra fees, or cutting corners. We adhere to the highest standards of waste management and recycling and are even CFIA certified.

Our team offers highly competitive rates, reliable and professional service, and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.

4) Once Your Bin Is Delivered, Fill It, and Schedule It For Pickup

Once ordered, your dumpster rental will be dropped off at the time and location you requested. It will be your responsibility as the customer to make sure the space is clear of obstruction and has the minimum required space. This would be the bin size plus 40 feet or so in front of it for the truck to load and unload it.

From here, all you need to do is fill the bin. All our containers are accessible from the top and back, making them easy to lead with or without equipment. Make sure you spread the weight evenly and don’t overfill it.

Are You Thinking About Renting a Dumpster?

Consider renting from Fleetwood Waste. Whether you need one for a construction or renovation project or something else altogether, you are sure to get reliable bin rental services at competitive rates. Contact us at (604) 294-1393 today for the best waste bins rental services in the area.

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