Disposal Bin Rental in Surrey BC: 5 Things you are prohibited from Dumping in the City Recycling Bins

Disposal bin rental in Surrey BC is always a good way to manage waste both at home and at the work place. If you use the bins correctly as prescribed by the law and the rental companies, you are bound to have a great experience and you will never have any problems with the law.

However, if you misuse them or dump prohibited items, you may end up incurring expensive fees and penalties which you could have avoided if only you knew the prohibited items. To help you out, here are the five things you must never dump when you are using the disposal South Surrey bin rental services-:

Plastic bottle caps

You are allowed to dump the plastic bottles in the disposal bins, but this is never the case with the plastic bottle caps. This is for the simple fact that the bottle are recyclable while the caps are unrecyclable because they are manufactured with plastic #5 which most of the household pick up recycling programs in Surrey BC does not accept. This also includes caps for things like detergent bottles and the tubs for peanut butter. Including the plastic bottle tops in the bin rentals may only attract unnecessary fines.

Pizza Boxes

Many people are often amazed why pizza boxes are never allowed in the disposal rental bins, yet they are made of cardboard, which in most forms is recyclable. The reason why pizza boxes is prohibited from being deposited in the bins is that they contain oil from the pizza which is normally absorbed deep into the boxes, thus making the box a contaminant in the recycling process. If the boxes were to be included, they would end up contaminating the entire batch on the recycling machine.

Aerosol cans

Though the aerosol cans are made of recyclable materials, your disposal bin rental Surrey will not permit you to dump them in the bins because they contain harmful chemicals and this prevents them from being taken to the curb with the rest of the metals being recycled. In this manner, the cans must be excluded and be disposed using other appropriate means.


Styrofoam is available in plenty and it is an environmental disaster. The substance is made from petroleum and it is highly flammable and almost all the disposal bin rental companies in Surrey will reject collecting it. The best way to get rid of any Styrofoam you may have is to check around the community for locations or establishments recycling the substance and use such for safe disposal.

Wet Paper

Wet paper are also not allowed in the disposal bins for the same reasons pizza boxes are not allowed. Specifically, the fibers in wet paper are damaged once they come into contact with any liquid and as such, they may contaminate the rest of the batch in the recycling facility. But since paper is not considered a very serious environmental hazard, you can always find safe methods to get rid of them or simply ensure they don’t get wet prior to dumping in the bins.

Disposal Bin Rentals in Surrey

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